What to Consider Before Building on Your Lot

What to Consider Before Building on Your Lot

Finding the perfect lot to build your custom dream home is not easy, especially without help. The average size lot has decreased, emphasizing the augmented competition for land use. Adding to the task, lots may appear perfect but are not. If you don’t take heed of zoning laws, flood risk, and the condition of the land, you may end up with unexpected expenses and safety risk for you and your family. Below are some things to consider before building, and how Putnam Builders may help you avoid any pitfalls.


Land Conditions

land conditions for building on your lot custom home contractorA lot may appear perfect for your dream home. It may have a view and be in a desired neighborhood. But not all lots are fit to build on, economically at least. Before choosing a lot, request soil testing as well as a formal property evaluation. With this knowledge, an experienced builder, like Putnam Builders, can use that information to help you avoid any potential hazards, or damage to your home and health.



Land Zoning

putnam land zoning clear lake shores build on your lot contractorZoning laws dictate what you can do on your property and how you can develop it. Zoning laws can restrict construction and remodeling, so it’s important to pay attention because your custom home plan approval can be delayed or denied. Zoning laws can also restrict how you use the land. Such as preventing you from storing your boat, building a dock, or having a home-based business. Ask Putnam Builders what the zoning laws are for any lot you plan to build on. And if you’re looking for a prime lot, the team at Putnam Builders can help you find one.


Land Terrain, Grading, & Preparation

land terrain preparation before building on your land custom homeThe terrain of your land should be somewhat self-evident. Lot terrain refers to the elevation, orientation, and slope. Depending on your desired custom home plan this may or may not be an issue. A heavily sloped lot could cause damage to your home due to runoff, or it could prevent your home from flooding. Which is why it’s important for you builder to be involved as soon as possible to help you adjust your custom home strategy.

Land grading refers to the pre-construction preparation of your home site to ensure that the land slopes away from your home. A poorly graded or leveled homesite can lead to foundation problems or water damage. When looking for a lot to build your custom home one, you’re probably more focused on neighborhoods, size, and shape. This common pitfall is why it’s important to involve your custom home builder as early as possible while evaluating potential lots.

Preparing the land involves removing trees and foliage, leveling and sloping the land properly, and rectifying bad ground soil. Depending on the size of the land, these factors can easily inflate your home budget by thousands. By involving Putnam Builders early in the decision process, you can make a cost-effective land purchase.


Land Flooding

putnam land flooding houston build on your lot custom home builderIn Texas especially, you need to consider if the lot you are considering is in or near a flood zone. State and federal laws dictate how you can develop properties that are in flood zone areas. Determining if your desired lot is located within a flood zone is essential to minimizing personal risk and insurance costs. An experienced builder, like Putnam Builders, will be familiar with the different neighborhoods and flood zones.


As you can see there are several factors that you should consider before building on an existing lot. The best way to avoid the drawbacks of building a custom home is to get the support and experience of an experienced local custom home builder. Please contact the team at Putnam Builders. We are happy to help you tackle the challenges of building on your lot, and navigate you away from any pitfalls. In addition to saving your time and money, we can help you find the perfect lot for your custom dream home.

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