What does it feel like to build a custom home?

What does it feel like to build a custom home?


You’ve probably bought a home before. And you know it’s an exciting, emotional, and sometimes stressful experience. You’re making a large financial investment while simultaneously deciding to put roots down for you and your family. That house could be your family home for years, or even decades.


The feeling of building a custom home is even more intense, and even more thrilling. It’s a rollercoaster ride of finding the ideal location, deciding on the layout, size & design, and finally watching your custom dream home be built from the ground up. It’s an incredible process and may be some of the most exciting months of your life.


So what makes building a custom home such a unique experience?


The Method

build on your lot custom home builder bacliff kemah galveston

The method of building a custom home is much different than buying an already existing home. And you’ll feel different about it too! The process of building a custom home takes a lot longer than it would it buy a home on an existing lot. Building a your custom dream home can take as much as 9 months, but the end result will truly be worth the wait. During these months you’ll be working with your home builder, design experts, and other professionals to make this house fit your lifestyle, needs, and personal style. You’ll really feel that this house is 100% yours because you will dictate every aspect of it’s build.

The elements that will make this house truly yours are all the decisions you will make. These decisions will include the floorplan, layout, elevation, finishes such as cabinetry, ceramic tiles, appliances, and hardware. Generations later your family will appreciate the custom home that you built.




Location Selection

build on your lot custom home builder location selection kemah shorelineOne of the best parts of building your custom dream home is to place it where you want. You aren’t limited but cookie-cutter builders building only in certain sub-divisions. You can build where you want to live! You can achieve the view, privacy, and destination you desire. You can put your family’s roots down where you desire.




Your Dream Takes Shape

construction begins on your lot custom home builder galveston clear lake shoresThe excitement of building your dream home is a process to cherish. You’ll enjoy every moment as you finalize the look and feel of your home. When you see the walls taking shape on your lot you’ll feel excitement and anticipation. It’s truly a marvelous experience!

After you’ve designed your custom dream home with the aid of our home design experts, soon later you’ll see your foundation being poured. And soon after you’ll see your home framing take shape.


The Final Achievement

final walk through custom home builder galvestonOnce we’ve completed your home you’ll do a final walk-through with your superintendent and create a “Punch List” of last minute items you want completed. After the final finishing touches have been done on your home you’ll go through a home orientation where you will learn about the operation and maintenance of your appliances and learn about your home warranty. On that day you’ll be give the keys to your new, custom dream home.


At this point it’s normal to be emotional. Often new home owners cry in joy at their accomplishment and the legacy they will leave their family.


Experience it Yourself

Are you ready to feel the joy of building your own Putnam Builders custom dream home?

Come visit our design studio In Bacliff, TX or make an appointment to discuss your custom home ideas.


Contact Us



Putnam Builders has been building custom homes on the Gulf Coast of Texas and surrounding areas since 1963. We would love the opportunity to discuss your custom home ideas in our design studio in Bacliff, TX or in the comfort of your own home. Please contact us at 281-339-0838 or request a free consultation.




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