Walk-In Shower Ideas That Will Inspire You

Walk-In Shower Ideas That Will Inspire You


A walk-in shower can become a luxury feature of your home. Unlike a tub, a walk-in shower creates a more spacious feeling in your bathroom. (This is especially useful if you have limited space.) The seamless transition of a shower is also safer, particularly for children and the elderly. Although showers are typically considered the practical part of our daily routines, they can also be just as relaxing and luxurious as a tub. Here are some shower ideas that may inspire your custom home or remodel.


Design Aspects

There are several design options that can contribute to the overall impact of your walk-in shower. The most common walk-in shower enclosure is made of glass to create an open space. If you desire the feeling of a completely open feeling in your walk-in shower, consider adding a skylight or window to your space. And although a glass enclosure creates an open feeling, you don’t need to be limited by what is most common when building a custom home. In fact, you don’t even need to be limited by doors or enclosures. Take a look at some of these ideas and past projects to help inspire your custom home bathroom or remodel:


Warm Asian-Inspired

warm asian inspired custom bathroom designWarm colors and a simple Asian-inspired design can create a minimalist walk-in shower that feels calming and open. Notice in this design that fixtures are kept at a minimum to add to the modern style. The warm wood tones and soft green tiles are reminiscent of the outdoors. Paired with the overhead natural light, the overall effect is natural and soothing. When creating your custom walk-in shower design, the small details like fixtures and window placement can make a big difference.






water inspired custom shower remodel texas blue and green tiles overhead rain showerheadIn this walk-in shower a mixture of blue and green small tiles are used to create a look of moving water. The cream-colored tiles create an elegant accent while creating an illusion of additional space. Also notice that there are multiple showerheads, including an overhead rain showerhead, complimenting the water-inspired theme.







Unique Materials

dark marble accent wall using unique materials in your walk in shower marble shower green colors accent wallThe best parts of designing and building a custom home is not being limited by conventional materials or designs. Use of marble in your walk-in shower can add a focal point and a wow-factor for anyone that sees it. Just keep in mind, when using unique materials, certain materials, like marble, should not be used for flooring because it is a slipping hazard. For an even more unique shower, contact a local artist, such as award-winning artist William Lloyd, for a custom piece that is water friendly. Incorporating art pieces into your custom home will also increase the value of your home.



Rustic & Mountain Inspired

elaborate walk in shower made of stone and wood rustic cabin style custom home builder rustic and mountain inspired walk in shower bathroom custom home builderYou can create a whole new world within your walk-in shower by using rustic wood beams and stone. If your taste is farmhouse chic then just a few touches of raw wood and some carefully placed sconces can create your bathroom retreat. If you’re looking for something much more dramatic, then the use of large stone pieces, and heavy wood beams can create a woodland, mountain style walk-in shower that you’ll never want to leave. Keep in mind, if you’re using raw wood materials and unsealed stone, you’ll want to keep an eye on mildew build up. Keeping your shower well ventilated with windows and high-power vent fans can dramatically help.


Classic Elegance

classic elegant shower custom home builder build on your lot home remodelBuilding a custom walk-in shower means you aren’t limited by walls, so why not have an open walk-in shower. By using a solid stone wall, you can still maintain privacy. An open walk-in shower is also accessible for those in a wheel chair or with limited mobility; something you may consider as you increase in age. Tired of waiting your turn for the shower? Build an extra long walk-in shower with extra fixtures.





Looking for more inspiration? View the gallery below.


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