Tick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Tick-or-Treating Safety Tips

As Halloween approaches, your neighbors at Putnam Builders want to remind you to be safe while trick-or-treating. Halloween night can be a great experience for you and your children, but failure to plan could lead to frustrations or mishaps.


Plan a Route                             

It’s tempting to just run out of your house and head down the street to begin the fun. But if you end up on an unfamiliar route you and your child could get lost. Plan a route that you’re familiar with, and if possible, avoids crossing the street unnecessarily. Remember to keep your route within your child’s comfort zone. A 12-year-old can trick-or-treat a longer route than a 6-year-old. Also keep in mind your child’s fright level. Familiar streets where they know the neighbor are less frightening.



Check your route during the daytime

Houses may still be abandoned due to flood damage. Avoid streets that haven’t been cleaned up yet. Choose streets with Halloween decorations and street lights.


Comfortable Shoes

You and your child should wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Your princess trick-or-treater may want to wear heels or new uncomfortable shoes in order to complete their outfit. Spray painting an old pair of shoes with glitter paint may be a good compromise. Double tie shoelaces to avoid tripping.



Keep your child visible to cars and people by adding reflective tape to their costume or affixing glow sticks. Carry a flashlight to illuminate potential tripping hazards.





Safe Costumes

Long costumes can cause your child to trip and masks can make it hard for your child to see and breathe. Hem costumes as needed and use face paint instead of masks. If your child’s costumes require props such as weapons, be sure they are flexible rubber or plastic to avoid injury to themselves or their friends.


Stay Hydrated & Bring Snacks

Bring some water. You will be walking/running.  Bring candy or snacks for your trick-or-treater so they won’t be tempted to eat any candy before you’ve had a chance to inspect it.


Check the Candy

After the fun is all over, check your child’s candy (and not just for your favorite piece). Throw out any candy that isn’t in their original wrapper or looks like it has been opened.


Have a Safe Halloween!



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