The Main Advantages of Building On Your Own Lot

The Main Advantages of Building On Your Own Lot


Building your dream home has an appeal that most of us at some point have felt. To visualize your prefect home—the décor, the unique architecture and features, and the immense pride of having a unique home. There is an extreme allure to joining the exclusivity of being one of the few people to build their dream home.

Building on your own lot allows you to start with a truly blank canvas. If you don’t already own your land, selecting that perfect piece of land can allow you to create a harmony between your lot and your custom home. The lot you choose may be very beautiful, with a view of the ocean, the cityscape, or just an array of vegetation. But land beauty isn’t the only advantage to building on your own lot.


Unlimited Possibilities

expandabel building great outdoor space build on your lot advantagesBuilding a custom home is having the freedom to build whatever you want. There are endless customization possibilities and you are only limited by your imagination (assuming the land is properly zoned and proper building conditions are present). Whether you want the seclusion of being surrounded by a jungle of vegetation, a modern in-town edifice, or go completely off the grid, your options aren’t limited. However, before you starting mentally moving into your custom home, talk to a trustworthy custom home builder to make sure your lot is ideal for your custom home ideas. If you don’t build on your own lot, you’ll be limited to master planned community standards and HOA rules. Some of their strict rules may include limited color and building materials allowed, minimum or maximum square footage, and even what color drapes you’re allowed to have in the front of your home. Building on your own lot allows you to build with limited barriers.


The Great Outdoors

surrounded by trees in bacliff custom home builder build on your lotBuying your own lot to build your dream home on is also and opportunity to decide how much outdoor space you want. Owning a large piece of land doesn’t meant you NEED to build a gigantic home on it. It can be freeing to step outside and not see your neighbors’ home. Spending time outside of your custom home can be refreshing and freeing. And with a little deign planning and effort; your outdoor space can be just as comfortable and inviting as your custom home. Your outdoor space can include a pool with waterfall, an outdoor kitchen, garden or greenhouse, along with many other outdoor entertainment options.





build on your lot expandable building guest home custom home builder texasChoosing your own lot gives you enough space for your home and your desired outdoor space. But it also gives you the opportunity to expand in the future. If you decide you need an in-law guest house or a hangar for your car hobby, you can expand. So, think about what additions you may want in the future and plan the purchase and use of your land to match. Depending on the size and local laws, you may be able to build another home that you can section off and sell. So, when choosing a lot, select on that will you the ability to expand, should you desire.


When selecting a lot, the most important thing is to be well prepared. There are several variables to consider before selecting a lot to build on. However, if you involve a trustworthy custom home builder early on in the process you can save yourself valuable time and resources. An experienced builder can help you find the best lot that fits the kind of home you want to build.

If you’re interested in building on your lot and would like to guidance of an experienced expert, contact Putnam Builders. We will lend you our 50+ years of expertise to help you evaluate the lots you are considering so you can build your dream home with confidence.

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