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Simplifying Your Home Remodel

Design And Build With Confidence


How can you simplify a home remodel? It’s not a simple process. There’s a plethora of decisions to be made paired with time and money constraints. But a builder with a solid track record that is trusted by their community can simplify your home remodel.

Everyone has heard horror stories about homeowners having a terrible experience remodeling their home. Budgets going way over the original estimate, delayed construction, and continual frustration are the themes of these stories. But at the beginning there is always a silver-tounged contractor offering a price that’s too good to pass up. The contractor seems trustworthy and knowledgeable but something seems off. You don’t completely trust him.

Having trust in a contractor is paramount to starting the relationship that will last the course of your remodel project. Your contractor should be looking out for your best interest above all else. A home remodel is a large financial commitment. If you don’t feel confident handing over your financial future to your contractor, then you should look for a different contractor.

So how can you determine if a home contractor is truly trustworthy?

Are they licensed and insured to do the work that you’re hiring them for? Verify their license is actually for the work they will be performing. If they are only licensed to lay wood flooring, you shouldn’t hire them to lay floor tiles.

Do they have a website with an extensive portfolio? You should be able to see many examples of their previous work. View their previous work in person and talk to their references as well.

Have they been in business for over 15 years? A 10-year warranty on their work doesn’t mean much if they have only been in business for 5 years. The longer the company has been around the safer your investment will be.

Is their estimate reasonable? Their estimate should be on-target with your budget but not an exceptional deal. If their project estimate seems cheap, you can expect cheap work or for budget to grow as the work takes place. The estimate should also be broken out into individual line items.


Is the contractor present in the community? Have your friends or neighbors heard of them? Can you see their activity in the community on their Facebook page? A solid home contractor will be involved in the community in which they work.


Do they listen more than they talk? Will they collaborate with you on your design? A contractor that has your best interests in mind will listen to your ideas and help you turn them into a detailed home remodel plan. They will help guide you toward options that will keep you within your budget.


Are they family owned and operated? If you really want to trust your contractor look for a family business. A family business will put your feelings and satisfaction first. Their reputation is deeply rooted in the community and they will always go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.


Simplifying your home remodel is as simple as finding a home contractor you can trust. Don’t be fooled by low prices, discounts, or gimmicks. Take your time to find a great contractor that you can trust your large investment with. With proper care you can simplify your home remodel project by selecting a contractor you can trust.



Putnam Builders has been remodeling and building custom homes on the Gulf Coast of Texas and surrounding areas since 1963. We would love the opportunity to discuss your home remodel in our design studio in Bacliff, TX or in the comfort of your own home. Please contact us at 281-339-0838 or request a free consultation here.


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