Flood Remediation, Restoration, & Remodel

Dealing with the devastation of a flood is stressful and a traumatic experience. But you're not alone. Your neighbors at Putnam Builder are available to help you get through the long wet road ahead. Putnam Builders has been proudly serving out Houston community since 1963, and no matter the condition your home is in, we are here to help you rebuild and restore.

Flood Remediation & Restoration


Remediation and Restoration is a complicated process, but Putnam Builders is here to make it as simple and easy as we can.

We will be your advocate, and advise you through your insurance claim. We know you're stressed, so we will simplify the process and explain every step.

We won't just restore your home to it's pre-flood condition. We will make it Your Home again.





Should you decide to attempt to perform your flood remediation by yourself, we encourage you to stick to the CDC's recommendations in order to ensure that you will not have mold or structural problems in the future. You can find their recommendations in the link below.

Link to CDC Recommendations for Flood Remediation


Post Flood Remodeling


You may find that your flood damage has  a silver lining. That remodel you've been dreaming about can now be supplemented by your insurance claim money. You can upgrade you flooring, appliances, and kitchen cabinets. You can expand your family room, and add an addition or wrap-around deck. As a custom home builder in Houston, you can bet we have plenty of ideas to turn your flooding nightmare into your remodel dream.



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