Secret Rooms & Secret Spaces

Secret Rooms & Secret Spaces

Secret rooms are not just for Batman and James Bond. If you’re building a custom home the privacy and security of a secret room can be yours with a little bit of planning. Let’s start with the secret entrance. The doors in your home are meant to stand out and be welcoming. A secret entrance is meant to bend in so well to the surroundings of your home that they are undetected by anyone but you. These secret doors lead to secret rooms or spaces and they’re lots of fun.


So how do you hide your secret entrance?

moveable bookshelf for secret passageway custom home builderThe most common James-Bond-Like entrance is in a bookshelf. The bookshelf itself is a pivot door or pocket door that reveals your secret space. The bookcase can have a secret lever or just give when pressure is applied in the right space.





secret passageway through a dresser james bond batman custom home build on your lotGuests are unlikely to try to move your furniture around. Which is why a dresser makes an excellent secret entrance. The dresser drawers can still be used for storage with this unique secret space entrance.





painting entrance to secret room build on your lot builderPaintings and mirrors are commonplace in a home. A large painting or mirror can be a secret door to your secret space.








wall panel secret entrance to hidden room in luxury custom home builderYou expect wall panels to have seems and edges, which is why wall panels are an excellent way to conceal a secret entrance. A hidden door panel is also inexpensive and easy to install—making it one of the most popular options for concealing a secret room.






How To Use Your Secret Room


Reading Nook

hidden reading nook made custom by custom home builder texasRemember that secret entrance through your bookshelf? What a great way to disguise a hidden reading nook. A hidden reading nook is a great place to escape into a soundless room so you can become wrapped up in your book. It could also be a place to study or write in peace.





Safe Room

It’s not just for Jody Foster--If you’re concerned about safety of yourself or valuables a safe room can help give you some peace of mind. Your safe room could include a heavy, barricaded door, internal safes for guns or valuables, and a security system monitor viewing station.


Wine or Cigar Room

hidden wine room and humidor custom lxury home builderA private place to unwind with a cocktail or cigar gives your luxury custom extra value and a safe place to secure your rare vintages or prevent cigar smells from reaching the rest of you home. Tasting and lounge rooms can be equipped with wine refrigerators, stone walls and fireplaces, and high-tech, separate ventilation systems to keep the rest of your room smelling fresh.


Office or Study

messy desk sparks creativity keep your office secret with a hidden entrance home custom builderCreativity thrives on chaos but having a disorderly office can be unsightly. Eliminate the need to keep your private work space tidy by making your office entrance undetectable. Keep your office or study to yourself and let your paperwork run wild and let your creativity thrive.



Master Suite

hidden entrance to master bedroom suite custom build on your lot builderIf you entertain frequently, roaming guest could wander into your private space. Keep your private space off-limits by making the entrance into your master suite disguised. Having hidden access to your bedroom will make you feel more secluded and allow you to take time to yourself without any houseguests being able to disrupt your private time.






Designing and building a custom home gives you the unique ability to include the practical aspects and the fun features of your dream home vision. Whatever your particular custom home vision, the design team at Putnam Builders can help you make it a reality.


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