Hurricane Harvey’s Second Wave– Contractor Scammers

Hurricane Harvey's Second Wave-- Contractor Scammers


Natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey attract out of state scammers that masquerade as trusted local contractors in order to prey on already frazzled home owners. These scammers will claim to be a local business, and they may even appear to be a trusted local business. They may have business cards, a truck with a company logo, a website, and a local office.


But what they won’t have is a local reputation.  Since they popped up on the scene moments after the floods receded they won’t have a list of local people you can call to verify their reputation. And you should ask for that list.


Some of these out of state companies with even pay local companies in order to use their company name, office, and phone number in order to better pose as a trusted local contractor. These out of state contractors look for contractors that are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and will offer them as much as $100,000 in order to use and abuse their good name to make a quick buck off unsuspecting home owners.


These rent-a-name contractors target home owners that have insurance. If they convince you, you’ll hand over your insurance money to the contractor. But if they do a shoddy job and you need future repairs, that cost will be on you.


Putnam Builders has been your neighbors since 1963. We are a local trusted contractor and we will NOT allow anyone to use our name.  Even if you are not using us for your repairs, please feel to call and talk to us about your contractor or anyone approaching you about repairs. We are happy to offer advice and offer free consultations.



There will be several of these fly-by-night scammers in Houston and the surrounding areas in the months to come. And if you happen to use one, you may even get lucky, and their work will be decent. But these operations rarely pay taxes, and they’ll take all the money you’ve spent out of state.

Be safe, be smart, buy local.


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Check back for more information on how to protect you and your loved ones from out of state scammers.






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  1. THE GULF COAST MARINER and BAY AREA HOSTON has a very strict criteria that builders must meet in order to advertise in our publications. Putnam Builders is one such advertiser whom we are proud to have within the pages of our magazines. Their name simply means confidence that they will do the job right.

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