How To Guarantee Curb Appeal In Your Custom Home

How To Guarantee Curb Appeal In Your Custom Home

One of the most fulfilling experiences after building your own custom home is the sense of pride you feel pulling into your driveway. During the custom home building process, you will ensure that every aspect of your home meets your needs and lifestyle. And a big part of that decision-making process is creating that first impression that radiates from the exterior of your home. Strong curb appeal not only gives you a sense of pride in ownership, but reflects your home’s personality and greatly affects your home’s re-sale value, should you ever decide to leave.


These facets of curb appeal are the foundation that will help guide your custom home design:


Materials, Colors, and Textures

materials colors and textures to decide your curb appeal build on your lot design build contractorThe exterior of your home should use quality materials in order to withstand generations of use, but it also needs to reflect your own personal style. Superior building materials will give you home a sophisticated look and contribute to the overall value of your home. The material, color, and texture of the materials used should reflect your style and give your home distinction and charm. At Putnam Builders we know how important it is for your home to emulate your desired aesthetic so you feel as much pride in home ownership and we do in building.


Window and Doors

windows and door custom build on your lot home builder texasWindows and doors are the gateways to your home so it’s important to take the time choose them carefully. At Putnam Builders we encourage you to view your potential windows and doors in person before selecting them. Although you can get a general idea from a catalog or online store, you won’t know the full weight and color spectrum unless you are in person. For example, wood grain doors can look a variety of different colors depending on the natural or artificial light that is on them. And stained-glass windows in a catalog can look elegant, but in person look cheaply put together.


Little Things

exterior trim and molding curb appeal custom home builderThe tiny details of your home custom home can distinguish between elegance and falling short of grandeur. Small details such as fascia, gutters, downspouts, and exterior trim and molding play a large roll in the overall appearance of your home.  And although you can save a little money buy opting for plastic or vinyl materials, we encourage you to opt for higher quality materials such as aluminum, pressure-treated wood, or composite. Selecting quality materials will ensure that your custom home maintains its beauty for years to come. Paying particular attention to the little things can make a big difference.


Outdoor Space

outdoor space contributes to curb appealCreating an outdoor space for wining, dining, and entertaining improves your curb appeal and enhances your living space. You will get more out of your home by incorporating patios, decks, a firepit, swimming pool, and landscaping, as well as increase the value and aesthetic value of your home. Be creative in creating an outdoor oasis knowing that Putnam Builders can build anything you can dream up.


At Putnam Builders we love turning our client’s dreams into their dream home. We are here to help you create a custom home that is as functional, and as beautiful inside as outside. If you have any questions about the custom home building process or would like to discuss your custom home ideas, please contact us.




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Putnam Builders has been building custom homes on the Gulf Coast of Texas and surrounding areas since 1963. We would love the opportunity to discuss your custom home ideas in our design studio in Bacliff, TX or in the comfort of your own home. Please contact us at 281-339-0838 or request a free consultation.


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