How To Design An Expensive Looking Bathroom

How To Design An Expensive Looking Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in your home; second to the kitchen. But you don’t need a huge budget to build or renovate your bathroom to look expensive and luxurious. In this blog you’ll learn how to use color, features, and accessories to create a stunning bathroom on any budget.


Monochromatic Color Scheme

Expensive bathrooms are typically spa-inspired and contain a simple, monochromatic color scheme with natural material accessories. Creating a monochromatic bathroom is simple. Start by picking a color you will love.

all white bathroom remodel contractor texasIf you want a high-end hotel style bathroom, choose a white or cream color. The light neutral paint paired with matching cabinets and countertops create a simple and elegant bathroom. After your design is complete, add fluffy, expensive-looking rugs and towels and accessories made of natural materials (think wood and cork).






gray master bathroom elegant design build contractor build on your own lotIf you want a classic bathroom that will look timeless and stay in-style for years, consider a gray bathroom. Gray doesn’t have to be cold or clinical. Warm grays, which are grays with a touch of beige or cream, create a soothing look that is easy to match. Brushed silver fixtures, lighting, and accessories compliment a gray monochromatic color scheme and will help to complete this high-end look.



aqua bathroom monochromatic color bathroom redesign contractorIf you want more vibrancy in your bathroom but still want to maintain the spa-inspired monochromatic look, consider an aqua or turquoise bathroom.  Varying shades of aqua in your bathroom can be exceptionally relaxing. Again, silver fixtures, lighting fixtures, and accessories will compliment this peaceful bathroom retreat.




Nature & Natural Elements

bring nature inside design an expensivve bathroom home design contractor natural elements of wood in this custom master bath design build firm sauna looking bathroom








Some of the most expensive bathrooms make you feel like you’re not in a bathroom at all, but one with nature. Bring the outdoors inside with oversized windows and skylights. If you can’t have large windows due to privacy concerns, there are other ways to make your bathroom embrace nature. To create a space reminiscent of a luxurious sauna, skip the traditional wood cabinets and opt for wood walls and flooring. The overabundance of wood can make your bathroom feel like a relaxing, calming retreat.





marble accents make your bathroom look expensive build on your lot marble bathroom floor to ceiling marble opulent bathroom design







Nothing says opulence like a marble bathroom. Floor to ceiling white marble is the ultimate luxury décor option. If it’s within your budget, it’s quite a show-stopper. But if you’re like most people, an entirely marble bathroom is a bit over-the-top. But if you’re looking for some dramatic flair without breaking the bank, you can add a marble accent wall to your bathroom. Marble accent walls can be within your shower, or as a backdrop to your vanity sink.



lighting uses to create an expensive look in your bathroom remodel build on your lot custom home builderUpgrading or opting for a showpiece lighting feature can instantly transform your bathroom. Most bathrooms have a simple light bar above the mirror. And although this is very utilitarian, it won’t make your bathroom look expensive. To create a truly designer look, choose accent sconces, pendant lighting over the vanity, and a chandelier over the tub. The various lighting sources can also create a soothing mood in your bathroom.






space in your custom bathroom build on your lot general contractor custom home builderThe ultimate luxury is square footage in your bathroom. No one likes to be crammed into a small space. If you plan to use your bathroom as a place to relax, a small bathroom will feel like a cell instead of a spa. Chances are you’ll be sharing this bathroom with a partner, so include buffer space and privacy walls where needed. When designing your bathroom include enough square footage for a seating area, decorative storage, a place to hang your plush robe, and most importantly, enough a space to catch your breath and relax.



Ready to create your expensive looking bathroom?

Whatever you vision of luxury you want to create in your bathroom, Putnam Builders can help. Whether you plan to build a custom home or want to remodel the bathroom in your existing home, you can lean on Putnam Builders’ 50+ years of experience. Come visit us in in our NEW design studio!


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