How to Create a Farmhouse Chic Look in Your Custom Home

How to Create a Farmhouse Chic Look in Your Custom Home

The farmhouse chic look is gaining momentum in custom home design because of the soothing country feel combined with sophisticated elegance. The farmhouse chic look appeals to both men and women because of the combination of rustic, sturdy elements, and understated sophistication. Let’s look at some of the design elements that make up the farmhouse chic look:


Wide Spaces

farmhouse chic vaulted ceilings with open floorplan design build contractorTo create the feeling of a farmhouse you’ll need an open feel like in a barn, with its high cathedral-like arched ceilings and open floorplan. You’ll need a seamless connection between the kitchen, dining, and living areas. Other elements such as oversized windows can help create the feel of a continuation of the space between inside and outside and give you a more authentic farmhouse feel while giving your home natural light.



Stylish Lighting

farmhouse chic lighting build on your lot custom home builderIn a farmhouse chic home, hanging from those cathedral-like ceilings you’ll see elegant, and unique lighting. Lighting pieces are used less for light than to make a statement and draw the eye upwards. Commonly farmhouse chic lighting pieces will include crystal or glass combined with a more rustic and sturdy material like dark iron or unfinished wood. An added benefit to the low-light elements is in the evening your home will seem urethral calm.



Neutral Colors

muted pastels neutral colors in farmhouse chic build on your lot builderA neutral color palate adds to the soothing atmosphere that is created in a farmhouse chic home. Spa-like colors such as pale grays, creams, and kakis will make your home feel like a relaxing place to unwind. Neutral color reduce stress [] so it’s no wonder people find the farmhouse chic look so appealing in their homes.




Rustic Elements

farmhouse chic rustic elements wood, stone, shiplap build on your lot builderRustic finishes and design elements make your home feel earthier with a sense of permanence. Rustic finishes can include natural wood, stone, and shiplap boards. You can add real farm elements to give your home a vintage and whimsical flare. Oversized barn doors and warn, aged hinges, knobs, and other metal work are a good way to achieve a farmhouse feel.




Plush Materials

farmhouse chic bedroom with plush comfortable bedding and seating build on your lot builder

The farmhouse chic design theme looks inviting because of the ample plush furnishings and materials used. Couches have numerous pillows and cozy throws, beds have oversized plush headboards with hefty down comforters, and comforting, soft materials are always used. Although there are several rough, rustic elements incorporated into a farmhouse chic look, where you sit and lay is always comfortable.



Whatever design you want in your custom home, the home design experts at Putnam Builders can help you achieve your desired look.


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