How to Build a Snowman In the South

The holiday season brings snow for many parts of the country and the media is flooded with images of snow men. But here in the South, the weather is (usually) as warm as our hearts. But that doesn’t mean us Southerners should be left out of the fun!

Check out our step-by-step guide of how to build and snowman out of sand!



Supplies:sand snowman

-“willing” participants
-rocks or seashells for buttons, eyes and mouth
-carrot, or driftwood for the nose
-sticks for the arms
-top hat or Christmas hat to cover his bald head and a scarf
-buckets to carry water/sand
-sand carving tools (optional)


mound of wet sandStep 1: Mix sand and water to create a large mound of compacted sand. The taller the mound, the taller your snowman. Compact your sand with your hands, feet or shovel.






half melted sand snowmanStep 2: After making sure your mound is as compact as you can manage, carve away any areas that don’t look like a snowman. If you find it’s hard to get the indentures between the “snowballs” try creating a half melted snowman instead.








sand snowman with hatStep 3: Give your snowman a face and arms. Add your hat and scarf. Give him a name.






family and sand snowmanStep 4: Take lots of pictures before he “melts”!









christmas at the beachIt may not be a white Christmas in the South, but there’s powder at the beach!




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