Home, Smart Home

Home, Smart Home

Adding smarts to your space.


If you thought your Smartphone is the only clever gadget in your home, think again. Smart home innovations are here, and they can save you money and time.  Washing machines can text you when the load is done, LED lights that automatically turn off when you leave the room, and thermostats that adjusts when someone is home, are just some of the clever home innovations that are becoming increasingly popular in new homes.

Take a look at some of the new smart products that can help keep you and your family safe:



Wi-Fi Doorbells

Just because you’re away from your home doesn’t mean you want anyone to know. Wi-Fi enabled video doorbells allow you to give the impression you’re home. You can answer the doorbell’s chime on your phone or tablet—you can see and hear them, but they can only hear you.

Many of these doorbells include an integrated motion sensor that detects movement, records footage, and sends an alert and the footage to your phone.




Smart Garage Door Openers

Simple to use and install, smart garage door openers will ensure that you never forget to close the garage door again. Features include, alerts sent to your phone when you forget to close the garage door, and automatic closure after a certain period of time. Perhaps the best feature is anti-burglary technology. This feature will illuminate all of your home lights if someone tries to manually open your garage door. Considering that through the garage is how the majority of burglars enter your home, this gadget is well worth the money.



Smart Security Cameras

Maintain peace of mind with a network of interior and exterior cameras that you can access anywhere from your mobile device. Cameras can upload video to the cloud, memory cards, or hard drive. Motion or sound will trigger recording and an alert can be sent to your phone. You’ll always know when the kids arrive home from school, someone comes to the door, or someone is around your home that shouldn’t be there. Interior cameras can help keep an eye on domestic help or elderly grandparents.



As technology improves, more smart devices become available to save you money through automation and remote access, and give your family more security. Most smart home devices aren’t expensive and all of them are easy to use with simple apps you can access from your phone or tablet.


Ask your local Putnam Builders representative about adding some IQ to your custom home design!


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