Creative Additions For Your Custom Master Bedroom

Creative Additions For Your Custom Master Bedroom

If you care about the style of your home as much as you care about your own personal style, then you’re probably obsessed with interior design trends enough to know that a stylish home has to be unique. By building your own custom home you get to incorporate a design that you really want, rather than one that you’re willing to accept. Custom home design allows you to integrate luxury master bedroom features, unique finishes, and your own personal touches to make a space that is one-of-a-kind. If you’re looking for the ultimate high-end master bedroom design that is both luxurious and visually stunning then look no further than Putnam Builders to guide you toward creative master bedroom features.


Splendid Shower

luxury shower with teak and natural elements custom home design build on your lot texasShower manufacturers are at the top of their game trying to earn your business. This means there are even more options for incorporating unique luxurious features into your master bathroom. Shower varieties include horizontal high-powered showers, multiple jets, waterfalls, and rainfall showerheads. At Putnam Builders we encourage you to create spa appeal in your bathroom by adding natural materials such as stone facades, natural light from stained-glass windows or skylights, and built-in teak furniture. Afterall, your master bathroom isn’t just a place to get clean, it’s a place to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself.






Huge Skylights

skylight bedroom addition custom design contractor texas build on your lotFalling asleep under the stars isn’t just for camping. With an oversized skylight above your bed you can add drowsy wonder to your bedroom at night and ample airy natural light during the day. Concerned it’ll be too much light? Add smart glass to your skylight to add tint at the touch of a button.





Walk-Ins & Built-Ins

custom designed luxury walk in closet with built in luxury home design builderExtravagant closets are one of the best luxuries of a building a custom home. Plenty of room for your clothes, shoes, accessories, plus room to grow will make you feel like a movie star in your custom home. Popular luxury closet design includes island dressers, hidden and rotating shoe and accessory spaces, and built in 3-way mirrors with custom lighting. With ample space for dressing and some supple seating you can be sure you’ll get plenty of use out of this quasi-room.

Once you have your indulgent walk-in closet finished, add some built-in book shelving to help organize the rest of your master bedroom. A bookcase is just as much organizational tool as a design feature. Your decorations, pictures, knick-knacks, and even books, can become a built-in element to your custom home.


Private Patio

private terrace off master bedroom luxury custom home design builder texasA private personal patio can give you your own private space to be alone outdoors while still near the comforts of your bedroom. Pushing aside heavy curtains to reveal a personal terrace will boost your custom home’s envy factor. Taking in an evening glass of wine or a quiet cup of coffee in the morning can help you unwind or get ready for the day. Add and awning or some custom landscaping around your terrace for added privacy, as needed.



Adjustable Lighting

spotlight sconces for bedside reading custom home design builder contractorYour bedroom is multi-purpose, and so should be your lighting. Custom, individual bedroom lighting, such as spotlight sconces, can allow you to finish one last chapter while your partner sleeps beside you. Adjustable lighting throughout your master bedroom allow you to set your lighting to your personal preferences, whether it’s bright lights to wake you up in the morning, or a casual dim to help you settle in for the night. With blackout curtains or panels, you can also restfully take afternoon naps or adjust more easily after a multi-time zone journey.



Ready to discuss creative additions for your custom master bedroom? Ready to discuss your luxury custom home ideas? Contact us at Putnam Builders.

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