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Great homes don’t start with materials or machines. They don’t start with concrete trucks churning and pouring their heavy loads on empty lots. They don’t even start with blueprints. Great homes start with vision, drive-by admiration, and years worth of scribbled notes and bookmarked pages that culminate to form a foundation you’ve laid yourself.

At Putnam Builders we aren’t just builders or designers or architects. We’re listeners. We’re guides. We’re lovers of detail, timeless style, and construction that lasts. From the initial concept down to the last light bulb, we work with our clients to create homes that are truly, profoundly, their own. We promise efficiency, quality, transparency, and a homebuilding process that’s just as satisfying the final, perfect “jingle” of the keys in your hands.

Putnam Builders
828D Marina Bay,
Kemah, TX 77565.

Telephone: +1 281 339 0838

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