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5 Plants for a Low-Maintenance Beach Garden

Designing your custom beach house can be one of the most stressful and arduous experiences of your life. With the constant abundance of decisions to be made during the many phases of construction, it may seem a relief to be finished and be able to sit at your beach house and enjoy the fruits of…
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Building Green Custom Homes

Putnam Builders is dedicated to the philosophy of building Green Custom Homes, with strategies of reducing energy use, waste and water consumption and enable homes to go completely off-grid to become a net zero energy (ZNE) home. The use of healthy materials fosters healthy living. Climate appropriate design, materials, and superior construction methods offer low-maintenance…
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Builders using Facebook as a marketing tool

Facebook is growing as an advertising platform for the real estate industry. Recently, Facebook even added first time homebuyers as a targeted demographic. No other social networking has been able to utilize extreme amounts of personal data like Facebook has, which makes it the most valuable online advertising platform apart from Google itself. Because the…
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