Building Green Custom Homes

Putnam Builders is dedicated to the philosophy of building Green Custom Homes,

with strategies of reducing energy use, waste and water consumption and enable homes to go completely off-grid to become a net zero energy (ZNE) home. The use of healthy materials fosters healthy living. Climate appropriate design, materials, and superior construction methods offer low-maintenance durability, thrifty operation, healthy indoor air quality, and design aesthetics that delight the homeowners and occupants.

In 1992, the EPA introduced the ENERGY STAR labeling program with the aim to identify and endorse energy-efficient products in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That same year, COTE published an Environmental Resource Guide (ERG), which, funded by the EPA, was developed to disseminate scientific information and insights within the building profession. The first local green building program was also introduced that same year in Austin, Texas.

As green building pioneers and a proven authority on environmentally responsible construction, we serve those seeking superior solutions for where they live, work, and play.

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