Builders using Facebook as a marketing tool

Facebook is growing as an advertising platform for the real estate industry.

Recently, Facebook even added first time homebuyers as a targeted demographic. No other social networking has been able to utilize extreme amounts of personal data like Facebook has, which makes it the most valuable online advertising platform apart from Google itself. Because the advertising platform is accessible to any Facebook user that manages a page, it’s easy to view Facebook advertising unless you have an online marketing background and have studied heavily the ins and outs of Facebook.
When you take some time to do a cost-benefit analysis of advertising on Facebook, you’ll see that it’s really a no-brainer to funnel some of your advertising dollars down this avenue in a short amount of time and company dollars.
So what are the big guys spending their money on?

As you can see, according to CMA, the large ‘corps’ are spending 15% of their budget on ‘internet/web’. If you include social media in that statistic you will be looking at 24%.

Another interesting stat is that 76% of construction companies will be increasing their marketing budgets in 2013. So who do you think is going to grab the bulk of the pent up demand? You, or them?

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