Build On Your Lot Builders VS. Kit Homes: What’s the difference?

Build On Your Lot Builders VS. Kit Homes: What’s the difference?

If you’re thinking about building a home you’ve probably realized there’s a lot of options available to you. Two popular options for those that wish to invest sweat equity into their home are build-on-your-lot builders and kit homes. Both options will allow you to get a good amount of house for your money, but they yield very different results and the process to get there varies widely. Understanding what kind of home you will get and the process to get there may help you decide if a build-on-your-lot builder or a kit home is right for you.

Kit Homes

rough log cabin style kit home interior custom home builder kemahIf you love putting together Ikea furniture kit homes may be a good fit for you. But of course, the pieces aren’t labeled. Kit homes consist of pre-cut pieces that are shipped to your homesite. Most home kit manufacturers offer a few designs but customization will likely be limited to finishes and fixtures. You may end up with something that looks more like the rough interior of a log cabin, instead of the home of your dreams.


Unfortunately, you’ll be unlikely to find a builder to put together your kit home because of warranty issues. So you’ll be on your own to figure it out. If you already possess construction, plumbing, and electrical skills and have the necessary tools, you may be able to build a lot of sweat equity. You could hire subcontractors to take care of some of the building aspects. But if you’re not well versed in the process then you’ll be unable to tell a good job from a bad one.

Putnam_build on your lot vs building a kit home custom home builder

Kit homes require the same level of city permitting as a traditional home, so you’ll have to become an expert in the permitting process and local building codes.

If you have experience and time, kit homes may be a great option to get a nice home for less money. However, if you lack experience or are limited on time, a kit home will be more work than you thought.



Build-On-Your-Lot Builders

dream kitchen interior build on your lot custom home builder clear lake shores bacliff kemahWhether you already own land or plan to purchase a lot, a build-on-your-lot builder can help you build your new home. Most build-on-your-lot builders only offer a handful of stock plans that cannot be changed. However, Putnam Builders offers full customization. You can bring in your dream home sketches, ideas, or full plans and Putnam Builders will make your dream home a reality. If you have a specific vision of your dream home, a build-on-your-lot custom builder will be able to help you realize it better than a kit home.

A build-on-your-lot builder can offer turn-key services if you prefer a hands-off approach, or you can be as involved as you want in the process. With Putnam Builders, if you wish to save some money by painting, detailing, or executing the landscaping, you’re welcome to do that.

Regarding the permit approval process, most build-on-your-lot builders will handle that step for you. However, if you wish to save money, you can take on that task yourself.

When you work with a build-on-your-lot home builder like Putnam Builders you benefit from over 50 years of experience of local government regulations, and strong relationships with subcontractors and suppliers. If you’re looking for a safer, and less time-consuming home building experience, working with a build-on-your-lot home builder, like Putnam Builders, is the right choice for you.


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