Beware of Storm Chasing Contractors: Our 6-point checklist to help keep you safe.

Beware of Storm Chasing Contractors

Our 6-point checklist to help keep you safe.


As you begin the process of picking up your life and begin to tackle rebuilding your damaged home, be mindful of exploitative contractors. Houston has been flooded with storm chasing contractors trying to make a quick buck. And sadly, it’s easy to be fooled by these professional con-men.


Obviously the best protection is personal references, such as friends and neighbors, who have had positive experiences with the contractor you’re choosing. If you are considering an unknown contractor, you better do some digging.


To help protect our neighbors, Putnam Builders has created a 6-point checklist to help keep you safe from predatory contractors:


  1. Make sure the contractor is licensed through the Texas State Licensing Board for Contractors at
  2. Do not agree to a large down payment. An honest contractor will not require more than a 25% down payment.
  3. Before hiring get at least 3 itemized and detailed bids. Be sure each bid is for exactly the same work.
  4. Verify the contractor’s insurance. Call the insurer to confirm coverage.
  5. Verify the contractor’s experience. Ask for references and inspect their work.
  6. Before paying, get a signed and legible contract. Keep it in a safe place.









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Check back for more information on how to protect you and your loved ones from out of state scammers.






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