Approved For A Construction Loan? Here is how you can find land.

Approved For A Construction Loan?

Here is how you can find land.


If you’ve already decided you want to build your own custom home, the first step is to find a suitable piece of land. Although you could start your home design before you find land, you’ll find it difficult to make any final decisions until you’ve selected your land. This is because the price of your land may affect your building budget, and the shape of your land may influence the floor plan of your home design. If the land you select is in a flood zone, you’ll have to change your home design from traditional foundation to pier and beam foundation.

Finding a suitable piece of land to build on isn’t always easy. Here are a few creative ways to find land that goes beyond the usual internet search.


Write Down Your Criteria

It may seem unnecessary to write down what you want in a place of land. But as you look at different pieces of land, that list will help you quickly narrow down the list without getting distracted by “good deals” in undesirable neighborhoods.

Start by writing down where you want to live and why. Include neighborhoods, specific streets, or neighborhood qualities. You can always change your mind later and refine your list and you continue to look for the right lot.


Large Dividable Lots

Large lots can be divided into smaller, buildable lots. If you see a large lot, in the neighborhood of your liking, inquire about subdividing the lot. In fact, ask family and friends that own land if they have a lot can be subdivided.


Mobile Home Lots

build on your lot in galveston contractor Don’t limit your search to empty lots of land. Mobile home sites can be an ideal place to look for a potential building site for your custom home. In many cases the mobile home can be moved at little or no cost to you. Mobile home sites come with the great advantage of already having utilities hookups and some of the sitework may already be completed. This can save you money on your overall budget. Allowing you to spend more on the construction of your custom dream home.


Expired Listings

Owners of land may have tried to sell in the past with no luck. Their expired listing may still be found. You can ask them if they are still willing to sell their land. You’ll have the advantage of being the only one with an offer—allowing you to get the land for a lower price.

You can also ask owners to sell that have never listed their land. This may seem forward and like something that only the very wealthy do. But if you find the right piece of land, you may find a unique opportunity if the owner has never considered selling and is open to the possibility.


Talk To Your Builder

If you’re builder is well established and familiar with the neighborhoods in which you plan to build, they may be a great resource for finding the right piece of land. They can help connect you with a real estate partner, introduce you to people that have land available, and guide you toward neighborhoods that you may not have considered.

The path to building a custom home requires land. If you’re struggling to find the right piece of land at the right price, contact Putnam Builders today.


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