Anticipating an Empty Nest? 4 things to consider when downsizing.

Anticipating an Empty Nest? 4 things to consider when downsizing.

So your kids have left home to pursue college, careers, and families of their own. This significant life change may have you considering downsizing your home. These empty-nest years are something to look forward to and cherish. There is now time to pursue hobbies, travel, develop close friendships, and reconnect with your spouse. As you and your spouse look forward to the future it may be time to reconsider they type, location, and size of the house you want.

If you are anticipating an empty nest, and are considering downsizing, read over these 4 things to consider:


Total Cost

When your kids leave home the lifestyle of you and your partner will change. This is a great time to assess your expenses. With just the two of you a smaller, more affordable, and easier to maintain home would be a better fit to your lifestyle. The money you save on mortgage and energy costs could allow you to pursue other interests, such as travel.

You could build a home like This Custom Modern Townhome in League City,  with its tall ceilings and energy-efficient design, it would cut your heating and cooling expenses dramatically. While it’s open floor plan and entertaining spaces would still allow for family holiday parties.




Or, consider building multiple small homes, like The Kemah Cabins. You could live in one cabin while renting out the others, giving you supplemental income and financial security as you age. Luxury finishes and easy to clean hard surface floors make the Kemah Cabins a comfortable place for you to live, while also providing the durability you’d want in a rental property.



Your Changing Lifestyle

For most empty-nesters it doesn’t make sense for 2 people to live in a large home with 2 or 3 empty bedrooms. Why maintain and clean a 3,000 square foot home when a 1,200 square foot home would offer you and your spouse plenty of space. Downsizing will free up your wallet as well as your time. The time you save cleaning and maintaining a large home could be spent on the things that you love.

Evaluate how you want to spend your time. Do you plan to entertain more frequently or at all? Will you be welcoming back the kids and their families during holidays? Have you always wanted your own hobby space to pursue painting or building a classic car? Are you excited to travel? You home should reflect the lifestyle you want to embrace.

If your family is large and you want them to come together at your home, consider This Custom Ranch Home In Dickinson, Texas. This custom ranch home offers an open floor plan with plenty of entertaining space that could accommodate your kids, grandkids, and friends during holidays and long weekends. With a large, chef kitchen you won’t be bumping into your daughter-in-law as you cook Christmas dinner together. The sprawling design provides plenty of space and privacy for you and your guests.


Customizing for Your Lifestyle

Every family is unique and your home should reflect your personality and the lifestyle you want to live. When your nest empties you arrive at the perfect time to build a custom home. As your needs change, and you anticipate aging into your golden years, your home should reflect that. A custom home will allow you to match your needs and desires with your home and family life.

At this point you may consider a simple home on the edge of town next to a beach so you can enjoy the ocean, like The Ivy Custom Home in Kemah, Texas. Or you may consider a duplex for the rental income and financial security. Of you may consider building a home close to your kids so you can enjoy time with your grandkids. Whatever your desired lifestyle, Putnam Builders will help match you with the perfect location and floorplan.


Should you decide to downsize Putnam Builders can offer you a library of hundreds of customizable home designs that fit within any budget. Or if you’d prefer to bring your own home design, Putnam Builders can help turn that idea into full home construction plans. Choosing to downsize to a smaller home gives you more budget to focus towards the custom features you would most enjoy in your home. You can focus your budget on a hobby room, garage workshop, luxury bath and kitchen.


Golden Years

If you would like this to be your final retirement home consider making your home friendlier to your aging. Consider options that will aid in your health and accessibility as your reach your golden years such as an elevator, safety rails, soft flooring, and step-in tubs. Although your golden years may seem a long way off, it’s prudent to plan ahead. Wide hallways will make your home more accessible should you or your spouse ever require a walker or wheelchair.


When your nest empties you can look forward to this next stage in your life and redefine how you spend your time and how your home will accommodate your desired lifestyle. We at Putnam Builders are here to guide your thought the process and help you make the best decisions to further your lifestyle. Contact us today for a complimentary home design consultation and home-site evaluation.





Putnam Builders has been building custom homes on the Gulf Coast of Texas and surrounding areas since 1963. We would love the opportunity to discuss your custom home ideas in our design studio in Bacliff, TX or in the comfort of your own home. Please contact us at 281-339-0838 or request a free consultation.






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