A Thanksgiving Message From Putnam Builders

A Thanksgiving Message From Putnam Builders


Today we celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends. But before we enjoy a Thanksgiving feast we wanted to take the time to be thankful. Gratitude shifts your mood, attitude and actions. Gratitude makes being happy possible.


Us at Putnam Builders thought this was an opportune time to express how thankful we are. We are thankful not because it is Thanksgiving, but simply because you can’t say thank you enough to the people who matter most.


To Our Partners:

One of the reasons our custom home owners are so confident about their homes is because of the longstanding relationships we have with our community partners. We are grateful for our team of laborers, skilled craftsmen, architects, suppliers, and real estate professionals. They work as diligently as we do to make your custom home your dream home.


To Our Team:

Evan Esar said “Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration, and inspiration”. Our team believes as Evan did, that it takes more than the desire to be successful, but hard work and to be inspired by your work. And our Putnam Builders Team is inspired to make your custom home dream your custom home reality. Thank you to our team that works so hard.


To Our Customers:

Us at Putnam Builders are so grateful to the hundreds of customers that have chosen us to build their custom homes with us for the last 5 decades. We value you and are thankful for the privilege to build your custom dream home.


As we spend this day with family and friends, our minds turn to the people who have made our success possible. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving.


Contact Us


Putnam Builders has been building custom homes on the Gulf Coast of Texas and surrounding areas since 1963. We would love the opportunity to discuss your custom home ideas in our design studio in Bacliff, TX or in the comfort of your own home. Please contact us at 281-339-0838 or request a free consultation.



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