6 Advantages of Homes on Pilings That You Didn’t Know

6 Advantages of Homes on Pilings That You Didn’t Know

All of us that live in Texas know that seeing homes built on stilts or pilings likely means that you’re in a flood zone. And if you are considering building a custom home near the beach pretty much guarantees that you’ll be building your home on pilings. But there are some advantages of building on pilings that you didn’t know. You may even consider building your home on pilings, even if you’re not required to because you’re in a flood zone.


The View

Building your entire home on tall pilings means you’ll have a view from every room without the potential of someone obstructing your view. Seeing far out in the distance over the ocean or countryside adds value to your home.









As long as your neighbors aren’t on pilings and right next to you, you’ll have plenty of privacy in your home in the sky. People on the ground can’t see into your home and because you’re farther away from other people, you can make a lot more noise without upsetting your neighbors.








Having air flowing all around your home allows for cooler summers and a smaller electric bill cooling your home, making your home more energy efficient. This added ventilation also protects the main structure of the home from termites and other pests.



Pier and Beam construction doesn’t just protect your home and family from the potential for flooding. With no ground level windows your family is much less likely to have issues with intruders. This is a great advantage to a retiring or aging couple, which are often targeted by criminals.








Difficult Land

Uneven or rocky land, and areas susceptible to soil subsidence could make your land unbuildable with traditional foundations. But with the use of pilings your home can gracefully sit above the natural terrain with no need for drastic excavation. Land that’s difficult to build on is often much cheaper to purchase as well. In what you save in land purchase, you can build the home of your dreams.


Easy Home Improvement

Should you decide to remodel in the future, installation, modification, and maintenance are simplified with a pier foundation. Water, sewer, and electrical lines are easy to access and therefore less expensive to modify or improve.








Interested in learning more about custom homes built on pilings? Contact us today for a FREE Consultation with a custom home expert.



Putnam Builders has been building custom homes on piers on the Gulf Coast of Texas and surrounding areas since 1963. We would love the opportunity to discuss your dream custom home in our design studio in Bacliff, TX or in the comfort of your own home. Please contact us at 281-339-0838 or request a free consultation.



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