5 Steps for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tile

  1.    Pick your show-stopper first

bathroom tile show stopper

As you get started planning out your bathroom, pick your must-have tile first. This tile may be a bright accent or even a mosaic. This show-stopper focal point will allow you to plan the rest of your bathroom around your favorite color and texture.




  1. Minimize tile types 

bathroom tile 1Too many tiles will clutter your custom bathroom and take away from your show-stopper. Complex bathroom tile configurations can also be an unnecessarily expensive as well. So keep your tile selections to 3 or less tiles that are subtle accents. If you’re looking for more variety, you can change the direction of the tile you’re using.




  1. Consider maintenance

If you dobathroom tile maintenancen’t like to clean, you certainly won’t like constantly resealing your bathroom flooring either. Some materials, like porcelain and ceramic require very little maintenance, while others, like natural stone, require regular cleaning and resealing. Many available bathroom materials are water-resistant, but not waterproof. Germs and mold can grow quickly in certain materials if not sealed or cared for properly.

Be sure to talk in detail to your Putnam Builders representative to select tile that works best for you.




  1. Consider sizing

bathroom tile sizingLarge size tiles are certainly in style, but it’s wise to consider the size of your bathroom and how these tiles will look. Oversized tiles will dwarf a small bathroom making it feel even smaller. Small to medium tiles work well in most bathrooms and can create focal points.







  1. Plan the entire bathroom for YOU

bathroom luxuryAs you plan your bathroom, think about how you spend your time in the bathroom. If you like to sit down in the shower, put in a built in bench. If you use a lot of products, plan to have lots of shelves and nooks so your products aren’t scattered on the floor. Hate stepping on cold tile but love the look? Plan on heated floors. If you’re approaching your senior years, plan on a step-in shower with handrails. Hate to miss your favorite shows? Plan for a TV in the bathroom.

Also think about little extras that will make your bathroom a special place for you: Fireplace, heated towel racks, multiple shower heads, skylight, built-in vanity mirrors, sauna capability in your shower, a chandelier above your tub, motion activated faucet, bidet, columns, and seating areas.

Whatever your desire, Putnam Builders can make your dream a reality.




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