5 Plants for a Low-Maintenance Beach Garden

Designing your custom beach house can be one of the most stressful and arduous experiences of your life. With the constant abundance of decisions to be made during the many phases of construction, it may seem a relief to be finished and be able to sit at your beach house and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Putnam Builders Custom Home with TowerBut something’s missing. The plot of dirt surrounding your property isn’t exactly appealing, and you want to enjoy your custom beach house outside as much as inside.

Creating an outdoor oasis can be challenging at the beach. Coastal plants need to be able to stand up to strong winds as well as salty, loose soil. As an added complication, you may not be available year-round to water and tend to your plants.


These 5 plants will add color to your landscape while withstanding the rough coastal climate and require little to no maintenance.



Lantana is one of the few plants that really thrives in salty soil, making it ideal for coastal dwellings. Planting Lantana will also guarantee that you will have butterflies in your garden. It’s bright colors and ability to take care of itself, make Lantana ideal for seaside gardens. This is an ideal plant if you don’t take residence in your beach house year-round.





Plant lavender in your seaside garden and enjoy the scent, its perky purple flowers and its ability to repel mosquitoes. Lavender is an easy-care plant and thrives in sandy soil, making it perfect for your beach home. Use it to line walkways and in front of windows and doors to get its full usefulness.





Daylilies are a dramatic & elegant looking flower with large grassy foliage. They are available in many shades, including bright red, purples, golden yellow, orange and white. This plant thrives anywhere you plant it, making it ideal for your toughest seaside gardens.


South American VerbenaSouth American Verbena:

Enjoy clusters of lavender-colored flowers all summer long on stems up to 6 feet tall. This plant’s height makes it ideal for creating privacy around your home. South American Verbena is self-seeding, so no continual planting is required. This flower is beautiful in cut arrangements and dried. Also benefit from the variety of butterflies this flower attracts.





Sea Pink:

As its name suggests, Sea Pink does well at the beach. Its adorable pink or white flowers and grassy foliage make excellent groundcover. Sea Pink is a slow spreader, making it a very low maintenance plant.




Remember when landscapseaside gardening your beach home that you moved to the beach to relax and benefit from time with family and friends. So, if you don’t love gardening, stick with plants like these 5 that are low-maintenance—so you can get back to enjoying life.





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