4 Reasons Why You May Need Two Master Suites

4 Reasons Why You May Need Two Master Suites

You may consider having two master suites in your custom home. The extra large bedroom, bathroom, and closet space allows your family to have flexibility now and in the future. Here are a few ways you can use a dual master suite layout.


Multigenerational Living

dual master suites custom home builder build on your lotHaving older parents live with you is becoming increasingly popular in American households. The parent can help with childcare, cooking, and cleaning—benefiting their adult children. As parents age it becomes difficult for them to maintain a home by themselves and they may need additional care. A multigenerational household allows for the generations to help each other. A second master suite is a cost-effective way for your aging parents the privacy and independence they need.


Partners Who Need Space

Married partners don’t always sleep well together. If your partner snores and you’re a light sleeper, or if your partner works nights and you work days, sleeping arrangements can be difficult. A second master suite can help maintain harmony in a marriage. A dual master suite layout allows for peaceful sleep and for partners to maintain their own sleep/work schedule without inconveniencing their partner. The second master suite can be decorated to your unique tastes and the extra closet space will be put to good use.


Adult Children Living At Home

custom master suite young adult office general contractorAfter college many young adults move back home while they look for a job, pay off student debt, and plan financially for their future. Young adults need privacy and space. A separate master suite can help them establish their independence while still living together comfortably.




Upgraded Nursery

master suite nursury custom home builderCaring for an infant is a non-stop challenge. The late nights, night crying, feeding schedules, and erratic sleeping routines can be a test for even the most stoic of parents. A master suite nursery can allow enough space for all the baby’s needs and space for a large comfortable bed—so you can sleep when the baby does. The extra space and conveniently located bathroom can make the beginning months of parenthood a bit more tolerable.



Dual Master Suite Design Tips

If you’re building a custom home, consider the layout of the master suites in relation to the rest of the house. If you’re aiming for maximum privacy, position them at opposite ends of the house or on separate floors. Also consider how the suites connect to outdoor spaces. Would a private entrance be useful? Will the room get morning or evening sunlight? Would a private deck or patio add value? Whatever needs you have or may have in the future; Putnam Builders can help design the perfect custom floorplan for your family.



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