Monthly Archives: December 2015

How to Build a Snowman In the South

The holiday season brings snow for many parts of the country and the media is flooded with images of snow men. But here in the South, the weather is (usually) as warm as our hearts. But that doesn’t mean us Southerners should be left out of the fun! Check out our step-by-step guide of how…
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5 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas for Your Beach Home

As we are approaching the Christmas holidays, it’s time to decorate, and decorate our Christmas trees. Before you head out to get a Christmas tree to brighten the spirit in your home, take a look at these unique beach-themed Christmas trees to create the ultimate holiday staycation.         1. Beachy Decorations: This sailboat…
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5 Plants for a Low-Maintenance Beach Garden

Designing your custom beach house can be one of the most stressful and arduous experiences of your life. With the constant abundance of decisions to be made during the many phases of construction, it may seem a relief to be finished and be able to sit at your beach house and enjoy the fruits of…
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